Adorable Baby and Kid Clothes

Visit a children’s clothing store in Amarillo, TX

Find clothes for all your kids at CB Boutique. We carry styles for kids ranging in age from premature babies and infants all the way through preteens. Shop handmade gowns and other clothing for birthdays and special occasions. We can create custom outfits and handmade quilted mats for your kids, too.

3 reasons to buy baby clothes and toys at CB Boutique

Do you love shopping for adorable onesies, T-shirts and dresses? CB Boutique has a great selection of cute and comfortable baby clothes. Choose our store because:


We have pacifiers, teething toys and handmade quilted mats


We carry the essentials like pull-up pants and snap crotch T-shirts


We can customize your baby clothes for pictures or birthday parties

We also have clothes for older kids. Check out our colorful selection of leggings for young girls.

Call CB Boutique at 806-356-5068 to learn more about our infant clothing store in Amarillo, TX.